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 Employer Application - Internship Program  
 This application is to be used upon hiring an intern who is seeking credit for an internship in the College of Business. If you are an employer and wish to advertise an open position, please access UW2Career/eRecruiting to directly post the position. If you do not have access, please contact the Johnson Career Center at or the Center for Advising and Career Services at for consideration.  











(Please provide details about compensation.)

(To receive academic credit, a student must work a minimum of 240 hours.)
  ** It is assumed there will be daily tasks the intern will need to complete. It is requested, however, that the intern be allowed to supplement classroom education with a general knowledge of your organization. This will encourage the intern to explore career opportunities and to develop both personally and professionally.** To assist us in determining if the type of project/job you have in mind will accomplish this request, please fill in the following information as thoroughly as possible. Also, please send us either a company brochure or a description of your organization's activities.


General Information:

1. The student intern, if enrolling for academic credit, will be required to write a report of the internship experience. A copy will be sent to the employer and one copy will be filed with the College of Business Intern Office.

2. The required length of an internship is a minimum of 240 hours during either the spring, summer or fall semesters.

3. Employers will be asked to evaluate an intern at the end of the semester which accounts for 40% of the student's grade.  The Johnson Career Center will contact you with further information.

4. It is suggested that interns be paid. Specific salary details should be worked out between the employer and the intern. (Suggestions for housing possibilities would be appreciated.)

5. The deadlines for employing interns are January 17, 2013 for spring semester; May 31, 2013 for summer semester; and, September 6, 2013 for fall semester. 


As a source of manpower and a government funded institution, the University of Wyoming must comply with guidelines set down by EEO and Title IX. We ask that you read the following statement and check the designated box. It will serve as a reference to your company's policy in hiring procedures. Assistance will be provided only if the box is checked.

This is to verify that the above-specified organization will comply with all affirmative action/equal employment opportunity guidelines, and will consider candidates regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation or political belief.

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