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 Student Application - Internship Program  

  Johnson Career Center
College of Business
Dept. 3275, 1000 E. University Avenue
Laramie, WY 82071
(307) 766-4807

All student applicants (credit/noncredit) must be College of Business majors and in good academic standing to be eligible for the program. In addition, for MGT 4600, the following prerequisites are required: Advanced Business Standing, ACCT 1020, FIN 3250, MGT 3210, and MKT 3210.


A resume and a copy of the student's college transcript (unofficial) must accompany this application. Copies of your college transcript will be printed by the College of Business Internship Office (BU 187). Students DO NOT need to supply the transcript, however, please forward your resume to



  1. The required length of an internship is a minimum of 240 hours during either the spring, summer, or fall semesters.

  2. Salary and wage details should be worked out between the intern and the employer.

  3. The internship must be approved by the Director of the Internship Program in order for the student to receive academic credit.

  4. To receive academic credit, the undergraduate student (all business majors) must be registered for MGT 2600/4600 and the graduate student for MGT 5600.  Because of controlled enrollment, the Internship Office will complete the necessary overrides.  Economics/Finance graduate students should obtain course registration information from the Economics and Finance Department.  If the student is planning to apply for academic credit, the student needs to notify the College of Business Internship Office of this fact before beginning the internship.

  5. If the student is setting up an internship, the responsibility of supplying the employer with the necessary general internship information and having the employer complete the employer application rests with the student.  The employer and student applications must be submitted to the College of Business Internship Office before the internship begins.  (Students are discouraged from seeking internships with their family-owned businesses.  See General Information Sheet.)

  6. If there is any problem during the internship, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the College of Business Internship Office immediately.







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