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 Project Application for Level III Construction Funding  


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Funding for projects is based on WWDC recommendations and is appropriated by the legislature from the Water Development Accounts. Legislative authorization is required before the WWDC can begin project work. Applications for Level III construction projects new to the Water Development as well as those that have undergone Level I and/or Level II reviews under the Water Development Program must be submitted no later than September 1st. It is helpful if the applications are received prior to the deadline.

In order to receive consideration for Level III construction funding, the project sponsor must be an entity of local government with taxing and/or assessment authority. Private corporations and individuals are not eligible for assistance. Note: If you are seeking Level III funding for a project new to the Program, you must provide a feasibility study with detailed cost estimates prepared by a professional engineer registered in the State of Wyoming.


1. The person signing the application must have authority to commit the entity to a binding contract.
2. A notarized copy of a resolution supporting this application passed by the board or other governing body of the entity must be provided.
3. A check for the $1,000 filing fee must accompany the application. If the application is denied, 75% of the application fee will be refunded to the applicant.
4. A project area map (8.5” x 11” preferred) showing district boundaries, project location and features should be provided. Include any reports or other supporting information available.
5. Written verification from any municipality, county, joint powers board, irrigation district, or special district that is impacted by the project that they understand and accept those impacts.
6. Include a copy of your bylaws and the document which created your entity.
7. The district must include a minimum of 1000 irrigated acres.

You will be able to submit #2, 4, 5, and 6 at the end of the survey.