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  WYSTEM is a group of STEM-CTE supporters working to build connections between institutions, programs, and people involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational outreach, and career technical education (CTE) across the state of Wyoming.
  One of the first goals of WYSTEM is to create a STEM resource webpage – a clearinghouse for various STEM activities around the state.
  To improve WYSTEM, we need input from everyone interested in STEM and CTE! Let us know about any programs that should be included and give us feed back how to make the site more effective.
  Program Information
Example: Science Posse
Example: Megan Candelaria (Program Coordinator)
Example: 307-766-6398
Example: The Science Posse is an NSF GK-12 grant-funded group which connects STEM graduate students and K-12 students and teachers across the state of Wyoming. Like their predecessors in the old West, the Science Posse figuratively bands together to help their neighbors across the state. Through classroom visits, lab tours, and more, graduate students bring their expertise into classrooms and engage students and teachers in real-life science, mathematics, and engineering.

For the following questions, please indicate whether or not your organization has the type of program indicated. If YES please give a brief description of the activity, including age/grade level and any relevant website links. This information will go directly into the database! (See examples on the WYSTEM Website: )

Example: The Science Posse and Teton Science School partner each summer for the Exploring Science Camp for students completing 5th-8th grades. This is a week-long camp residential camp at Teton Science School, Kelly. Cost is $75, but scholarships are available for ALL students! More info at:

Example: The Biodiversity Institute offer a Science Pen Pals Program: What better way to learn about a science topic than to talk with the scientists who study it every day? Science Pen Pals creates a platform for K-12 students to interact with UW scientists in the life sciences (biology, ecology, botany, zoology, physiology, etc.) to examine questions students can't find answers to in their textbooks. More information can be found here:

Example: The Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) for Wyoming and Eastern Colorado gives high school students the opportunity to present their scientific research work in front of an audience in much the same way as they would at a professional science meeting. With only slides, overhead, Power Point or backboard they let the audience know what they have done in their chosen research area. More info at:

Example: The Rock Springs Energy Resource Academy is a school within a school integrated CTE, Career readiness, and Science program that services 10th -12th graders at RSHS. The focus of ERA is the energy and natural resources business sector. With an engineering and real science bend. More info can be found on the Rock Springs High School website.

Example: The Science Posse is an outreach program at UW that connects PhD students in STEM fields with middle and high school students and their teachers across the state. These scientists bring their passion about science and education to the classroom. Through Career Talks, Mini-lessons and Specialized Lesson their goal is to inspire the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. Science Posse Fellows also work with classes and individual students to develop science fair projects. Science Posse is targeted for middle/high school students. Info about classroom visits can be found here:

Example: What do scientists do all day? Science Posse Fellows are excited to show students and teachers the research labs at the University and to provide hands-on experiences to give them a taste of what scientists, engineers, mathematicians do. K-12 students; website:

Example: Greater Wyoming Big Brothers Big Sisters; Afterschool Programming: The Hub (Laramie and Saratoga, 6th-12th) and SOAR (Laramie: Linford Elementary School and Laramie Junior High School). The Hub is the site of many of the group mentoring and large group activities, providing a safe, healthy place for teens to spend time after school. Through the Hub in Laramie and Saratoga, GWBBBS provides regular mentoring activities such as skiing, arts and crafts, and cooking for select participants including children waiting to be matched in one-to-one relationships. In partnership with the school district, a certified teacher provides individualized tutoring and academic development.

Example: The Science Posse offers a Teacher Workshop on the Fundamentals of Inquiry the first week of August of every year. The workshop is open to all k-12 educators in the state of Wyoming; PTSB and Outreach credit available. For more info, see

Example: Wyoming NASA Space Grant: Rocket Trunk (3rd grade) Self-contained, educational resources for teachers. The activities and materials in the Rocket Trunk help students understand how rockets work, including Newton's Third Law of Motion. (,

Example: The School of Energy Resources - Center for Photoconversion and Catalysis offers undergraduate research fellowships. The program provides an opportunity for undergraduate students with an interest in solar energy, catalysis, and fuel cells to pursue a substantive research project that builds upon those interests. (,

Example: Chevron Energy Solutions has launched an innovative cross-curricular science, technology, engineering, math and sustainability program designed to give students a greater understanding of today's energy and environmental issues. (Find out more at


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