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 Student Contact Information  

  We want to provide YOU an opportunity to experience our campus firsthand, and to do so we make our check-in times strategic to allow you get a true sense of being a “Cowboy!”

  Please note: this form is not compatible with most mobile browsers (on cell phones or tablets). If you run into trouble, try completing it on a desktop or laptop computer.

It is important that we receive your visit request a full week in advance of your appointment. Please note that we arrange individual visits Monday-Friday ONLY.

Coming on short notice? Please call us at 307-766-4075 to attend one of our Daily Drop-In Tours.
Go by a nickname? Let us know! You can write it like: Michael "Mike"
Please include your whole middle name, not just the initial
Usually the student's email address
Usually the parent's email address
Please include the number that we can use to best reach you on the day of your visit
You must enter the birthday in this format: MM/DD/YYYY
The following dates are not available: May 25, July 3, August 27-28, August 31, September 7, November 25-27, and December 23-January 1
These are best-estimate times and some visits may require a later end time for special circumstances. Please note: Due to Academic scheduling constraints, Sessions 3 and 4 do not include lunch, and Session 4 will not include an Academic Appointment.
Please be as specific of possible (ex: Nursing instead of Health Sciences, in music specify your instrument/vocal, plant or animal biology, if "biomed" specify if interest is in health care or engineering, etc). For a list see: If you list more than one academic interest, please select the 8:45 session below.
  Interested in Nursing?

Nursing majors are welcome to visit campus any weekday for a general visit, but to meet with faculty and receive a tour of the facilities, please see or call us at 307-766-4075 for more details.

If you're interested in ROTC, please specify Air Force or Army. We are unable to schedule with NCAA D1 sports. Please contact athletics directly via


  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at or call us at 307-766-4075.

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*If this does not happen, please call the number above to confirm receipt of your visit request*

You will receive a confirmation email prior to your visit. This will include parking instructions along with your finalized schedule.

We work hard to individualize your schedule with the information you provided. Even though we understand "life" happens, please know that can be difficult for us to make changes to your schedule once it is finalized.

Go for Gold – Be a Cowboy!
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