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Application for Services

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Thank you for your interest in services from UDSS.

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You will receive correspondence from UDSS regarding your Application within 7-10 days.


  University Disability Support Services
University of Wyoming

This application is used to help determine eligibility for and to identify, necessary disability-related accommodations. Disabling conditions may include, but are not limited to: mobility impairments, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, chemical sensitivities, spinal cord injuries, cancer, AIDS, speech disorders, muscular dystrophy, hand function limitations, spina bifida, deafness, hearing impairments, blindness/low vision or other chronic medical conditions. Other conditions may include specific learning disabilities, psychiatric/psychological disorders, brain injuries, seizure disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, attention deficit disorders, and rehabilitated drug addiction/alcoholism. Please complete this form carefully and completely. If you have any questions regarding application items, contact the UDSS office.
  If you need this application provided in an alternative format (e.g. taped, Braille, enlarged, on disk) or need assistance completing it, contact the UDSS office.

(Temporary means expected to last less than six months)
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