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  Do you meet the conditions for immediate academic reinstatement?

UW regulation 6-715 states “A student who is suspended for unsatisfactory scholastic performance should not be permitted to petition for reinstatement until one full semester, exclusive of summer term, has elapsed. Students may petition once per semester for reinstatement, and, if denied by any college or the Center for Advising and Career Services, cannot petition for reinstatement until the next fall or spring semester, unless there are documented extenuating circumstances justifying immediate reinstatement.”

Documented extenuating circumstances are determined on a case by case basis. Students who wish to petition for immediate reinstatement must meet with a committee who will review the individual situation and make a determination of whether extenuating circumstances exist.

Since there is no specific list of what constitutes an extenuating circumstances the following information is given to assist students in determining if their unique situation would in fact be reviewable by the committee. Extenuating circumstances refers to situations in which the student may not have had control of the situation and did not have the opportunity to make decisions or choices which may have affected their academic success. For example a student who was involved in an accident and missed significant classes due to ongoing medical procedures might have a case of extenuating circumstances. However, a student who made poor decisions, such as not focusing on academics, not attending classes, not seeking assistance, etc. would not be considered extenuating even if they understand the mistakes they made and are now committed to their academics. If you have questions about your petition and would like to talk to an advisor about the likelihood of your situation being considered extenuating, please contact our office at 307-766-2398.

Please note you will most likely be asked to provide documentation of your extenuating circumstance. This documentation should be provided before the committee meeting to allow committee members time to review the documents provided.