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 Introduction to the 2017 Irrigation Survey  

  Dear Irrigation Districts and Companies:

The Wyoming Water Development Office (WWDO) is updating its Irrigation System/Canal Survey. This survey provides valuable information to state agencies, irrigation districts and the public. It aids the Water Development Office in prioritizing Water Development Account funds available for feasibility studies and project construction. In addition, this information allows irrigation districts and companies to compare operational issues, financial data, and general information with others around the state.

We hope you will contribute to this effort by taking a few minutes to update the survey. Please try your best to complete it no later than February 24, 2017. If you are responsible for more than one district please complete a survey for each of the districts/localities. The Water Resources Data System (WRDS) in Laramie may contact you if clarification or additional information is needed.

The previous survey was conducted in 2015. Questionnaires were sent to over 176 irrigation districts, companies and agencies. From these responses, WWDO divided the information into five sub reports: mailing list, diversion and conveyance data, usage and storage, operations information, and general information. Copies of the 2015 survey and all other previous surveys will be provided upon request or may be found online (

The WWDO hopes that these reports will be useful to you and that they will encourage you to complete the survey for 2017. From the 2017 survey, WWDO will create new reports that contain more current, accurate, and beneficial data.

Your support is necessary for the success of these endeavors and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

For general information inquiries please contact Jodee Pring, WWDO (, 307-777-7626). For technical assistance contact Rosemary Hatch, WRDS (, 307-766-2741).


Harry C. LaBonde, Jr., P.E.