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 DSS Application for Services  
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Thank you for your interest in services from UW DSS.

This document helps determine eligibility for services and accommodations.

  • Please answer all the questions as carefully as you can.

  • There are a few questions with red stars (*) which must be answered.

  • Use the "Back" and "Next" buttons at the bottom of each page to navigate the Application.

  • Click "Cancel" to leave the survey without saving anything.

  • When you are finished with the last page, be sure to select the "Done" button to submit your Application.

You will receive correspondence from UW DSS regarding your Application within 7-10 days.


  If you need this application provided in an alternative format (e.g. taped, Braille, enlarged, on disk) or need assistance completing it, contact the UW DSS office.

(e.g. Fall 2017)
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